Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gimme Gimme Octopus

Boing Boing recently wrote a little feature about ‘Kure Kure Takora’ (which can be literally translated as ‘Gimme Gimme Octopus’), an old tv show for kids that I was already familiar with for some years. My pal Zoltan introduced me to it and every now and then I watch a few episodes. For those of you who don’t know the (often unexplainable and plotless) stories of Kure Kure, but are keen to find out about this Japanese show from the ‘70s, let me give you an introduction:
Takora is a red coloured octopus who lives in tree and always wants to have things (‘gimme, gimme’) and he has a buddy called Chonbo who, I think, is a life-size peanut, but he might as well be some sort of life-size pumpkin or squash, and they run around on a colourful set, just like their younger Teletubbie or Yo Gabba Gabba nieces and nephews, but the Kure Kure story line is much more surreal and violent compare to the sweet world in which their modern relatives roam and it often leaves Takora and Chonbo (or the other characters for that matter) with bumps and bruises or knife cuts when they try to get the attention of the pink walrus girl Monro or get into a fight with a bad guy that looks like a ghost/fish hybrid (who squeaks like Flipper and can spray liquids from his head which frightens Takora a lot), or when they run into those grumpy looking blue and green and purple gherkins (or are they shrubs on legs?) when they are drinking in a bar or attempt to shoot the sun out of the sky with a cannon.

Update: The gherkins/shrubs are in fact a gang of sea cucumbers and the ghost/fish is a jellyfish and goes by the name of To Ro Ro. (And the liquid he sprays is vinegar).

And if you want to see this brilliant weirdness, click these links:
Clip #1
Clip #2
Clip #3

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