Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Marsupilami And The Banana

I found out that art pal Iris and I both think that the Chiquita banana logo conceals some sort of optical illusion. Not just any optical illusion, but exactly the same one; in a split second, before we see the famous lady with fruit hat, we both see a banana eating Marsupilami in the blue and yellow trademark. I've attached a rough sketch of the illusion -as we see it- below.
The 'People Who Also See A Marsupilami Eating A Banana In The Chiquita Logo'-club is taking on new members, starting today.
(Pic's from the Chiquita & Marsupilami websites).


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  2. Incredibble, as a kid I had the same thing!!! Now I can't see the Marsupilami anymore... too bad.

  3. Pffwww.... I'm glad I'm not alone in this !!
    After some 30 years I reconized a lady with a fruitbasket on her head........
    Not a winking bigmouth....