Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Disney, Mr. P & The Creature

I was leafing through an old sketchbook and came across the sketches I made for a Disney short. About four years ago I was contacted by a spokesperson from Disney with the request to make a proposal for a t.v. animation short. No briefing, total creative freedom. I was thrilled! Of course I said yes and started right away. I came up with a story about a polite, dog-like character called 'Mr P' and a brainless parasitic being with no name that goes by the description 'The Creature'. I send it to Disney, along with some sketches, and awaited their reply. They answered a few days later: 'We love it'! the spokesperson told me, 'but...'
And with that 'but' the nightmare started. From that point on they replied with that same sentence to every new proposal I send. Getting comments on a proposal isn't a problem per se. But their list of remarks kept on growing and made me drifting further away from my (creative) self and the assignment. Total freedom? Nuh-uh! Two months later I still had no approved proposal and felt creatively sucked dry; what seemed like an once in a lifetime opportunity became one of the biggest brain drains ever. So I quit. I was getting nowhere and had enough of the sleepless nights and the waste of energy.
I still like Mr. P and the creature. Above some of the character sketches, below the story. And below that two small sketches of other proposals.

'Mr P & The Creature'

'It's a beautiful, sunny day and Mr P's driving his car. Suddenly a creature falls on the road from behind a tree. Mr P slams on the breaks but can't prevent grazing the creature a bit. The creature starts to cry heartrendingly and Mr P feels bad. He awkwardly comforts it and tries to run off. Because of Mr P's attention the creature immediately forgets the accident. It wants to come along with Mr P, but he points out that the creature has to stay put. Mr P hastily makes himself scarce, leaving the creature behind.

When Mr P arrives home he discovers that the creature has followed him. In the next scenes the creature pops up at every occasion Mr P goes to. This drives Mr P mad and his actions to get rid of the uninvited guest are getting more and more extreme. But all in vain; the creature happily follows him around and finally finds its way into the house of Mr P and starts eating all the food he can find.

The next morning. Mr P's a complete wreck. The creature has been eating all night, gorging itself with almost all the furniture. Mr P has had enough; he throws
a big sack over the creature, hauls it into his car and drives back to the road where he first bumped into the little monster. He takes out the sack and hides behind a tree. When a car approaches he takes the creature out of the sack and throws upon the road. Without looking back Mr P returns to his car while in the background you hear the sound of a car braking, a dull thud and the heartrendingly cry of the creature'.

Another proposal: Hyper bulb, a little light bulb with insomnia.

Or sweaty cone, an (adopted) ice cream who lives in the Bahama's. Nobody wants to be his friend because he's too sweaty. He goes on a road trip to the North Pole in search of his roots.


  1. Hi, hi, icecone on the Bahama's. Sticky business.

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