Thursday, March 26, 2009


I listen to all kinds of music ranging from alternative, indie, rock, British (post punk) bands, (freak) folk, singer/songwriter and film music and I also like jazz, big band jazz mostly. The up tempo kind, the show tune kind, the 'shabam!' kind. There was a time I also took Lindy Hop lessons (Savoy style) because I wanted to learn to dance to Big Band music, to learn swing dancing. I gave it up after two seasons but I still very much like Lindy Hop. Today I watched this great scene again from Hellzapoppin', a 1941 film adaptation from a 1938 musical that is well known to Lindy hoppers because of the film's magnificent energetic dance scenes. (And here's another clip on The Whitey Lindy Hopper's, the same performance group from Hellzapoppin', with Frankie Manning, the Lindy Hop legend). Put on your dancin' shoes paps!

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