Monday, March 16, 2009

More Krampus

I told about that small Krampus statue I bought on a collectors fair, right? The (German) owner of the booth said that the Krampus tradition's still alive today. I got curious, hit You Tube and found lot's of clips about the horned demon. In the first two weeks of December, young men from Austria or the Southern areas of Germany dress up as the Krampus and roam the streets to scare women and children with their chains and bells. 'Der Krampuslauf' (The Krampus Walk') in Grossarl (Austria) is one of the most popular walks in the region where up to seven regional Krampus groups render the area around the market uncertain.

Here's a clip from a Krampus walk in Graz (Austria). In some areas the Krampus does not shy away from a little birching like here in South Tyrol (Italy). Oof!
And while you're at it, watch this clip on the preparation of a walk of the nephew of the Krampus: Perchten. (I don't envy the guys in those suits!).

And this is cute.
(...Because it looks like that Krampus is a kid too).



  1. Ieiek, they look really scary! Let's see them live this year, I'm not affraid.

  2. We should! (Not the ones from Tirol though)

  3. I have this postcard. I think it's from Czechoslovakia. lovely. have you ever designed a krampus?