Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cozy critter

Recently this undomesticated mouse was rescued from a busy Amsterdam bike lane by my pal Angelique. She put it in the pocket of her coat and wanted to bring it to a quiet spot to set it free. But the mouse had no intention to leave her cozy pocket so she had to take it with her while running some errands. She went to the bike shop. And the supermarket. And finally she decided to bring the mouse home for some milk and cookies. (Well, the latter's a lie, but it did have a piece of cat kibble). And right after that it made a run for it and was never seen again. The mouse was caught on camera though.
The end.

Photo: Angelique fantastique


  1. We don't have mice like that here in California (at least non that I've seen!) Our mice aren't as round and precious...good job Amsterdam!