Tuesday, April 28, 2009

'Happy Laugh'

I used to collect firework wrappers. On January first you could find me roaming the streets, picking piles of used firework (and ignoring the curious glances of the neighbours). I especially favored the wrappers of cheap make, the ones with the cute but awkward drawings and the (often) remarkable English titles: 'Big Thousands Of Golden Flowers', 'Spring Peach', 'Colourstars Around The Moon', 'Big Snow', 'Joyful By Chance', 'Rapid Fiying' or 'Tomahank', and one of personal favorites: '5 Shot Star Light Candle Star'.

I wasn't able to do this hobby for very long. The firework wrapper designers started to embrace a more modern approach and the drawings and hand drawn letters were replaced by loud, computer made typography, photo's of spectacular exploding fireworks or images with a 'heavy metal' feel to accentuate the power of the explosion rather than the 'happy cheerfulness' of the moment. I must admit that dancing panda bears are not the first association that comes to mind when I watch exploding fireworks, but still I prefer my firework wrapper old fashion styled. With bubble blowing bunny's in a swirl of butterflies. Or with a picture of a train. Or in the shape of a little Kalashnikov. Here are a few of my fave's from the wrapper roaming days.


  1. Gaaf zeg, ik heb zelf nooit vuurwerk gekocht en had er geen idee van dat er zulke mooie verpakkingen tussen zaten. Bijna net zo mooi als mooi vuurwerk.

  2. Me too!! And they smelt so wonderful to; a mixture of gunpowder, bonfires, a hint of sulphur and dew.
    I LOVE the 'Happy Laugh' with its instruction to 'light fuse and get away'.
    A lovely nostalgic post - thank you

  3. Happy Laugh's nice indeed. Note the woman holding a piece of firework right next to the text 'Do not hold in hand'

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