Monday, May 4, 2009

La Pomme De Terre Possédé

This is one of my latest paintings. I recently wrote a post about that great vodou exhibition which inspired me to make this mixed media work about a bewitched potato that takes matters in its own uh... tentacles. I painted it on a (vintage) wooden plateau and embellished it with a gold leaf border. That's how enchanted potatoes roll, you know. It is called 'La Pomme De Terre Possédé' and it's part of the group show 'Lush Life' at Seattle's Roq La Rue gallery.
The show opens Friday May 8 and Roq's first lady Kirsten managed to put together a fabulous lineup with works by Joe Sorren, Chris Conn, Travis Louie, Ryan Heshka, John Brophy, Brian Despain, Glenn Barr and many others. Man, I wish I could be there! Keep an eye on the Roq la Rue website for a preview or go see the show at Seattle's finest in person.

Update: the preview is online. Click click click!


  1. As usual... magnificent! Love the hat, and his tongue, and the... and...
    You Rock!

  2. tsja, er zijn er niet veel die van een aardappel een goed kunstwerk kunnen maken (wel de eters)......mooie vorm ook, is het op een doos geschilderd? _milo

  3. Non, un plateau.
    ('N houten paneel waar ooit een glazen stolp op stond).

  4. Klopt de datum?

  5. In good french it's "possédée". Great paint anyway !