Monday, May 25, 2009

Matchbox scrapbook #2-2

This is the fifth post about my collection of matchbook covers. It's time for a breather. Pour yourself a nice cup of Jasmin tea; we'll go to the Japanese pages.

Normally I'm not a 'less is more' kind of girl. I prefer my design with frills and details. You could say I'm the 'less is a bore' type. Nevertheless I liked the collection that featured the zen styled covers from Japan. They stood out because of their close to boring kind of emptiness. The designers left plenty of room for the typography and calligraphy to be just be text and let it stand undisturbed on an almost empty stage. A flower in the right corner or a silhouette of mount Fuji might decorate the background but that's mostly it.
It's not all whispering in matchbox cover Japan though. I will show some of the more 'louder' designs of the Japanese collection in my next matchbox post.

The Japanese pages hold lot's of these 'wallpaper' covers. One or two Japanese characters on an origami like background.

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