Friday, May 29, 2009

Matchbox scrapbook #2-3

Japan, part deux! These are some of the more 'wilder' designs of the Japanese matchbox collection. This is the sixth matchbox cover post.

My favorite cover is the one with the kangaroo above. When I practiced illustration on a regular basis I had to make studies of a kangaroo for a character assignment. I never drew a kangaroo before and when I started sketching I noticed what a peculiar looking animal it actually is. If you alter the head too much it quickly looks like a dog or a rodent. The latter might just have happened to this matchbox cover with the three little kangaroo's in the mother's pouch; they all have rabbit like faces.
I love this illustration for its appealing colours and the nice 'blobby' shapes. And I think those (barely noticeable) question marks above the baby kanga heads are quite funny. (And their summary facial expressions too!)

The 'barber' covers are also great. Their simple imagery reminds me a little of those African barber signs. The poulterer cover below that looks a bit odd composition and illustration wise but my eyes are always lured to it. Perhaps its weirdness is what makes it interesting to me.

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  1. Hi! I like the kangaroo design one. It's an old ad from "Heiwa Yakkyoku"(peaceful drugstore) who has really catchy playful text. "kangaeru"(think in Japanese, but pronounce similar to kangaroo.) Question marks emphasizing this think part, and it goes "If you have skin problem, stop thinking what's wrong. Come over and have a consultation with us." I guess kangaroo has rash problem. Those cute dots.