Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is a sneak peek of one of the portraits FotoFloor shot for the press release of my book Rock Candy (which will be released next month). She made a fab serie with different looks and styles, all with a high dose of tongue in cheek. I love each and every one of them!

Update: All portraits can be found on the FotoFloor website.

Friday, July 17, 2009


When I almost absent minded sketch away I often like the result the most. Like this jolly Bulldog head for example. (Dogs are one of the characters that will play a role in the pieces I'm making for the BLAB exhibition).

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Yesterday I passed a small flea market on my way to town and -of course- I had to take a look. Most of the antiques were of the 'new-old' category, given an aged feel with dark shoe polish or machine made damages. But between the new-old mess I discovered an antique embroidery of a burning heart and a nice Baroque styled frame, both in pretty good conditions.
When I got home and opened the Baroque frame to remove the badly drawn flower painting that was in it, I found a photograph of a woman tucked between the backing board and the painting. In a soft, slightly dramatic lighting, she self-assured poses for the shot, wearing non matching jewelry and octagonal shaped glasses. I wonder who she is (or was). She had to face the back of a bland flower painting which only makes me even more curious. Was she a forgotten family member? Or perhaps an insufferable hag? Deceased?
Not only do antique frames tell a story of their own, a tale of a certain age or style, but sometimes they reveal even more of their origin, like this frame did. (Even though this one still leaves me with questions). That's why I love antiques.

Monday, July 6, 2009

El Optimista

Hello all!
Due to some busy weeks (and a much needed break) my blog has been un-upated for a while. My schedule is still hectic but I do have this sneak peek of one of my recent works to share with you. It's called El Optimista and it's for the group exhibition 'Scribble 08' that's curated by author, publisher and designer Mark Murphy which can be seen on San Diego's Comic Con. My work will be in the company of many wonderful artists like Tim Biskup, Christian and Rob Clayton, AJ Fosik, James Jean, Mark Todd, Martin Wittfooth and many more.

Where and when: Wonderhaus, 1600 National Avenue, San Diego - July 23, 6:30PM – 11:3 AM. Click here to go to Mark Murphy's website and here to the digital homeland of Comic Con.