Monday, July 6, 2009

El Optimista

Hello all!
Due to some busy weeks (and a much needed break) my blog has been un-upated for a while. My schedule is still hectic but I do have this sneak peek of one of my recent works to share with you. It's called El Optimista and it's for the group exhibition 'Scribble 08' that's curated by author, publisher and designer Mark Murphy which can be seen on San Diego's Comic Con. My work will be in the company of many wonderful artists like Tim Biskup, Christian and Rob Clayton, AJ Fosik, James Jean, Mark Todd, Martin Wittfooth and many more.

Where and when: Wonderhaus, 1600 National Avenue, San Diego - July 23, 6:30PM – 11:3 AM. Click here to go to Mark Murphy's website and here to the digital homeland of Comic Con.

1 comment:

  1. Superbe!
    mooi ook die transparantie in de achtergrond.