Thursday, July 9, 2009


Yesterday I passed a small flea market on my way to town and -of course- I had to take a look. Most of the antiques were of the 'new-old' category, given an aged feel with dark shoe polish or machine made damages. But between the new-old mess I discovered an antique embroidery of a burning heart and a nice Baroque styled frame, both in pretty good conditions.
When I got home and opened the Baroque frame to remove the badly drawn flower painting that was in it, I found a photograph of a woman tucked between the backing board and the painting. In a soft, slightly dramatic lighting, she self-assured poses for the shot, wearing non matching jewelry and octagonal shaped glasses. I wonder who she is (or was). She had to face the back of a bland flower painting which only makes me even more curious. Was she a forgotten family member? Or perhaps an insufferable hag? Deceased?
Not only do antique frames tell a story of their own, a tale of a certain age or style, but sometimes they reveal even more of their origin, like this frame did. (Even though this one still leaves me with questions). That's why I love antiques.

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  1. Oh, what a mystery... I love it. There must be a reason why her picture was tucked away.