Thursday, October 22, 2009

ABC Window

This morning I made a window display at the ABC to promote Rock Candy and the upcoming book signing. My lovely pal Ingrid was so kind to help me out. Dodging halogen window lights, squeezing ourselves into the tight window space and ignoring the back of the shop shelves we made a composition of some of the dolls, animals and other characters from my personal collection of 'bric-à-brac':
First photo: my bike with all my stuff crammed on it in front of the ABC store.



The scene at night (with electrical waxlights. Very gezellig).


  1. me likes all of this,
    I'll be there soon,
    buy meself a nice book!

  2. yep, me too! (liking it very much ánd will be buying yr book): )

  3. Leggy,it looks amazing!
    your book will be sold out like hotcakes,most def!
    see you tomorow,floor