Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thank you!

Dear ABC book signing visitors,
The signing yesterday afternoon was a blast! Even though everybody had to wait for a little bit it all went rather smooth and the atmosphere at ABC was wonderful. People took the time and effort to drop by (even traveling from the other side of the country) which I appreciate a lot. At the end of the day I walked on air because of all the kind words and praises. Thanks so much you all! You truly made my day.
Below some photo's for you to enjoy. (Cheers, Bo!)
First Photo left: Hey, it's Ingrid, José and Leendert!

Left: My pal Saskia dropped by too (with injured hands from a nasty fall on gravel... oof). Right: My sister and my nephew Nigel.
Left: Miss A & miss C! (Note Cindy's shoe's; she's almost ready to rock the Halloween night as Maneki Neko). Right: Jeroen from Lamelos, looking sharp.
Left: my dear friend Martin, me, and Rick from ABC. Right: The gang from Amersfoort; Jacqui and her son Milan.

Left: Mr. Draawer from Singapore. (Thank you for the kind gift pack!) Right: Sweet Jo and Floor.
Left: Jo and Chico know. Right: After the signing I noticed that 'Fangoria', 'Sexy Butts', 'Eisner' & Robert Pattinson had been watching over me.

(My next signing will be in Seattle, WA, in December. The first is on Friday the 11th, at the opening of my next shared show at Roq la Rue and the next is on Saturday the 12th at the Fantagraphics Bookstore. Details will follow asap, keep an eye on this blog or my website).


  1. Ah the pleasure was ours! En wat istie mooi het boek, had natuurlijk al in Ingrids exemplaar gekeken maar heb nu een eigen om in te kwijlen!

  2. HAHA, bewijs is geleverd!! Ik was er ook! Tussen Jo en Floor sta ik, een andere kant op te kijken. Ik vond het superleuk en ik ben blij met het boek MET handtekening.
    groetjes Petrianne

  3. ...en helemaal vanuit de andere kant van het land! Super!