Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Roq La Rue Exhibition, Seattle, December '09

Since I got back from the US I fell right into 'relax mode' so I'm a bit behind on things. But behold; here are some behind-the-scene-snapshots of my (sold out) show 'Bonjour, Dachshund!' at Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle, WA.

Cold weather and clear blue skies over there at the West Coast. At first I laughed at everybody complaining about the cold -I was very amused by an item on the news about the fishmongers at Pike's Place Market 'not having to use that much ice to cool the fish!', brought by a reporter chattering from the cold- but after a few days I had to admit it got to me too!

My stay was short but sweet. I had the pleasure of seeing some artist friends again like Robert Hardgrave, Chris Crites and John Brophy. It was also great to meet Jane Kenoyer, Scott Musgrove, Yumiko Kayukawa, Christian van Minnen, Gooby Herms and of course Junko Mizuno, who I shared walls with. And as always, it was lovely to see my pals Kirsten and Kenny once more!

(And as I mentioned on Facebook before) thanks to everyone who dropped by at the gallery or at the Fantagraphics Store, to buy my artwork or my book Rock Candy or to say hi. You're a swell bunch of folks.
(First Photo's: Seattle city centre, and (R) the Cinerama. I love that logo).

Oh, hello! It's Mr. Nix.. err, Mr. Obama. And that guy with the guitar.

The gallery's neighbour enjoying the sun on the roof and (R) Jane and Kirsten putting up the names.

Friday December 11, opening night! Top: my work. Below: Lisa Petrucci, Jane and Junko.

The opening night crowd.

L to R: Junko, Gooby, Kenny, Kirsten, me and Jane.

The last day in Seattle: Sunbathing and (R) Gooby, Jane & me being touristy at Pike's Place Market.

Having our futures read at Madame X's Fortunes!

L: My last evening in Seattle: visiting the anniversary party at the Fantagraphics Store and Gallery. I was signing books all night and didn't take a single snapshot. R: Fishy Air at Seattle Tacoma.

-Thanks Jane, for letting me post some of your photo's!
-Gooby also shot some nice pic's of the show: Click here

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