Monday, January 18, 2010

Can You Help?

When visiting a flea market this weekend, I found a doll character in scuba wear (on photo, right). I already owned one without the gear (on photo, left). Finding yet another one makes me even more curious about this particular character. Does anyone who he/she is?

The one in scuba wear has 'Rondine Cressi' printed on the fins and 'Cressi Scuba Sub' printed on the bottles. Cressi is an actual Italian scuba brand so it might be a promotional character but my guess is that it's geared up like that just for once-only advertising purposes. (And I know of two other people who own the same doll -without the scuba gear).

The one without the gear has 'Made in Hong Kong' printed on the back. This doll appears to be older and has cuffs and a skirt of cheaper make (plastic sticker in stead of plastic 'fabric'). Both dolls have 3D stickers for eyes that give the impression to open and close when you tilt the doll back and forth. They both have metal earrings and wear a bead necklace. Their arms and head can be moved. The legs are fixed so it can only sit up. There's a little curl relief on their head.



  1. hey femke
    I saw this doll once a few weeks ago on this website. You should check this website anyway if you are interested in buying cheap character dolls in japan

    cheers Jose Luis

  2. hmm... Kewpie's, but nothing like my dolls...

  3. Hey I have one too!
    All I know is that it's 50's. There is one more with another outfit for sale on Marktplaats (search for negerpopje) and there is a real nice blow-up version on ebay (search for blinking eyes)

  4. You too? How funny! Floor has one too.
    The one on Marktplaats look pretty mint.

  5. These dolls are called DAKOCHAN originally was made in Japan. It means DARK-CHILD (Black Child). They were popular in the 1960s.

  6. Oh hell!!! You are just too cool man. I never knew that there could be something better to know about than from this piece of article. I shall have this forwarded to all my friends and even my dad, I am sure they too shall enjoy reading this piece.