Monday, May 10, 2010

Neo Fabulists In Hamburg

I just got back from Hamburg where I attended the opening of my first show of 2010; Neo Fabulists at Feinkunst Krüger. A shared exhibition with my friends d'artistique Fred Stonehouse, Atak, Ryan Heshka and Heiko Müller. It was a great show -and I'm not just saying that because I was part of it; all five artists have different styles and handwriting but fit together quite nicely. Do drop by the gallery if you happen to be in the neighbourhood! (Above a small impression of the art. Visit the Krüger website to see the complete and uncropped versions of all the works).

Fred, Michael (Fred's pal who traveled along with Fred from the States) and me headed to the Hamburg Museum Of Ethnology to check out the collection. Next to the 'usual' African masks and Aztec water bottles we were amazed by a display of good luck charms and also, by two gigantic figures from Papua New Guinea (as shown on the bottom of the photo, above).
The background of these figures is still a mystery, their history got lost before it was put down in writing. The're made out of a bamboo and rattan skeleton that is covered by the leaves of a fig tree, and their bodies were long and slim with short arms & legs and giant heads. They seemed a bit alien-like and their faces reminded me of Dr. Fincklestein of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. The 24ft high statues were placed in an almost empty hall which only added to their unworldly appearance.
(Photo i/t middle: Michael, me and Fred)

Later that night Fred, Michael, Ralf (Krüger) and me strolled along the harbour, were the annual Hamburg Harbour Festival took place. Snacks, drunk people, sailors, loud music and er... snacks mostly, but us foreigners thought the 'tacky trail' was hugely entertaining; vendors selling corn in a booth shaped as a corn with a smiley face, adorned heart shaped cookies with Mother's day wishes everywhere, and pickle stands with dancing pickles painted on them. It was like walking around in the flashy version of my creative universe.

The opening night; the place was packed! Thanks to everyone who came by to see the show and bought the art. Lovely to see my folks there as well!
The Hamburg weather was cold and gloomy but I had an amazing and warm time. The days flew by as if my visit was nothing more than a dream. (Très cliché -but true). Thanks everyone!
(Group shot below, right to left: Ralf Krüger, Fred Stonehouse, Heiko Müller, Atak and myself. And guys, you should too wear heels next time).

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  1. Femke. I just started editing my photos from the trip. I have some that you might like to have. I also have found your camera
    model on sale at Best Buy. I will probably buy one soon. Anyway,
    I certainly enjoyed the flea market, Die Schlumper and the Harbor festival. Mike