Friday, June 4, 2010

Hippie Doll & Finger Puppets

As a kid I often played 'Post Office'; I would cut out a window ('counter') in a large box, draw a few images on small pieces of paper ('stamps') and handle used envelops and magazines ('post') all afternoon. Ah, those where the days, sez auntie Femke. Perhaps that's why I still love to send out 'touchable' post in hi tech communication days like these. But receiving post is just as nice, especially if a package is filled with awesomeness. Today I got a package from US art pal Michael that contained three très cool objects; a freaky, home made hippie doll with leather skin and pieces of shell for eyes and two vintage finger puppets; a rabbit and a bear. It's not hard to imagine these amigos into my painted world. The doll is now leaning to my inspirational wall as if it never did anything else and the two puppets blended right into my cabinet of 'popjes' (small puppets). Thanks, Michael! And also thanks, Mr. Postman.


  1. Femke. They look great in your collection. But be careful, the
    finger puppets are known to dance at night.

  2. haha die rabbit en bear zijn leuk, lachen dat hun lijfjes van die gekke conen (hoe schrijf je dat?) zijn, ik heb ook een paar groterevrouwtjespoppen die ook zulke abstracte lijfjes hebben.