Sunday, August 29, 2010

Matchbox Scrapbook 3#1

Matchbox covers! Remember those? (See the links to the older matchbox posts*). Well, I certainly did when I picked up one of my Matchbox Cover Collection Scrapbooks today. It's time to share some new designs. Below the first selection from the third book.
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Two colours, great effect; 'The Mountain', first cover of this post, is printed with only red and gold. Although mostly printed in this signal colour, the smart use of the red creates a nice illusion of depth. Wonderful type as well. 'Lotto', the second cover, mixes a light blue and a purple into three printing colours, and I love the 'Morza' ship for it's simple, graphic solution.

Anti-alcohol covers -like these three Dutch covers above- can be found regularly in my matchbox collection. The first cover (with the green print) tells the viewer to Not Drink Alcohol. I didn't know what to make of the illustration in the middle but I think they wanted it to look like a man holding another (sitting) man up by the back of his coat. The text in the middle can be translated into something like 'Fighting against alcohol is a good deed to others'.
The second one, with the badly drawn scene, has the line 'Alcohol Ruins' written on it. The illustration is awkward; the drunk lady dropped her groceries and the drunk man shaved off his hair and beard. I think...
The last cover is one from the serie 'dark & ominous'. Slogans on these covers range from 'Alcohol is the demolisher of the joy of life' to 'Sport and alcohol are enemies', all placed in this cross-like design. The texts don't really impress me but the cold and rigid look of these covers have the most anti-alcohol feel to my taste.

These fashion photo's from the late sixties make me wonder what directions the photographer gave to these models. To the girl in the white cardigan; '...Baby, you're not a happy Heidi, you're a disappointed Heidi! ...You don't like goats! ...You hate mountains!'

Miscellaneous remarkable designs.

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