Monday, August 30, 2010

Pencil Nerding #2; Gumsok

Yesterday, when I wrote a post about my favorite pencils and other drawing tools, I forgot to mention my ever favorite 'eraser sock', or 'gumsok', as I call it in Dutch. (The official name of this thing is 'Dry Cleaning Pad', by the way). I first discovered the gumsok at the framer's, where it was used to erase smudges of the paper matting. Regular erasers can leave smears if you press too hard, but the gumsok does it's job perfect; -oh no, I start to sound like a gumsok salesperson!- the fabric pad is filled with powdered rubber and is ideal for cleaning large surfaces.
The gumsok also looks a bit like a slug. Even more so if you glue two googly eyes on the end of the slug. Er, sok!
Anyway, great tool.


  1. Thanks for your advice,i love your art!!!!!!!!!i waiting the eraser to check!!!!!

  2. Cool! I've never heard of a gumsok! What a useful thing! It looks like a dirty old sock or toy that a pet would have for years haha (^•^)