Saturday, September 18, 2010

Postcard Galore 1#2

'Spaziergang' © Peter Weiss/Voller Ernst.

I collect postcards. When I visit a museum I often buy a bunch of cards in stead of the exhibition catalog to put together my own collection of favorites, boxes with old cards on flea markets I always find worth checking and every now and then I visit the local postcard shop to get me a new set of 'inspiration'. Because that's why I buy them; at home I archive the cards in my postcard collection books and when in need of a creative input I browse through the books to let an eclectic mix of everything I find interesting pass by. I'd like to share a few examples of the postcard brain food. This is postcard galore, part one;

First postcard:
'Man comes along' -or 'Walk', it's official title-, moves me. Perhaps because it represents an old -and presumably- happy couple, which I find a lovely, romantic thought in fast times like these. Or maybe it's because the woman had to convince the man to 'come along' and he agrees to the plan of a walk - because he loves her. Or it could be that the stupid woman always gets lost in the neighbourhood and therefore needs her man to walk along. But I prefer the first two options.

Cat in basket. Photographer unknown.
I really enjoy postcards with silly looking animals. I like natural silliness, most of the time I don't care much for clothed critters although exceptions may occur. I rate this one 2.5 stars on a scale of 5. (Eyes closed? a 4. Cross-eyed? Super-silly; cinq points!).

'Should So Much Like To See You On Friday', embossed card USA, 1913. Artist Unknown.
If you look closely, you can still see the pencil lines on the clock, indicating the preferred time; the sender of the card wanted to meet at 14.18 hours. SHARP.

Pyke Koch (1901-1991), 'De Winter', oil on canvas, 125 x 85 cm, ©2004 Erven Pyke Koch.
'The Winter', by Dutch magic realist painter Pyke Koch. Carnivals, slums and fairs were also favorite subjects, all distant looking and captured in strange, bleached lighting. What a beautiful gloomy palette.

'Cowboys & Indianer' © Sissa M.

'Twee Oolijke Volendammers' © Uitgeverij F.B. Den Boer, Middelburg.
These two, harsh looking Volendam smokers are described as Two 'Merry' Volendam Men. Excellent cheekbones and jackets.


  1. Haha, die met die vastgebonden teddybeer ligt hier ook op de studio, leuk is tie, kinky knuffelbeesten. Ik spaar deze:

  2. I know! Je hebt ze eens laten zien! Die chimps zij inderdaad geweldig. (Ook geweldig sneu, maar toch doen die me wat).