Saturday, October 23, 2010

Roq Show Sneak Peek, #3

In less than three weeks I'll be in Seattle to celebrate the opening of my next show. Man, I can hardly wait! Here's another sneak peek; 'Le Carrefour', a black and white piece on panel.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Roq Show Sneak Peek, #2

Another sneak peek of one of the works that will be in my next show 'The Bone Shaped Bone', at Roq la Rue Gallery, Seattle.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Postcard Galore 2#2

The second part of some of the postcards from my postcard collection; (See first post here).

Photographer unknown, France, 1907
Two girls in beautiful embellished outfits. They are too old to play a peek-a-boo game (although it's a common scene on photo cards from this period). I find this pose more cheeky/sexy than innocent. I love this postcard for that.

© C.T. Art Colortone & Co, Artist/year unknown, USA

Design: Kazumasa Nagai, Japan, ©1989

Toon Roest (1942-1996) 'Kleine Verhuizing' ('Small Move'), ©1996 Erven Toon Roest
Before I called Amsterdam my hometown I lived in Zaandam, a commuter town 1o miles from the Dutch capital. When I went to the city centre of Zaandam I would often see a man walking with his Citta moped, that had an old Zaanstreek-styled wooden house on the backseat, home to his little lapdog. I imagine the man took great pride in his handmade doghouse. Funny to see he made it to a postcard. (Note the little birdy on the roof!)

Frans Mettes 'Heineken', 1953, 109,5 x 160 cm, © Heineken
Strange yet humouristic, this old Heineken poster from the 1950's. The mini 'pupils' and the dark shadows in the face is what makes this gentleman a bit sinister to me.

'Sirin & Alkonost, birds of sadness and Joy', 1896, Victor Vasnetsov (1848-1926), © Tretjakov Museum, Moskou
I saw the original painting of Victor Vasnetsov at an exhibition on Russian folktales and legends at the Groninger Museum, two years ago. This painting of two half-woman half-bird creatures was both impressive in technique and expression as well as size. The combination of frame and painting was so heavy it rested on a podium. I also remember the frame as being too much of the good thing, even though I'm a fan of frames with a character.