Saturday, October 2, 2010

Postcard Galore 2#2

The second part of some of the postcards from my postcard collection; (See first post here).

Photographer unknown, France, 1907
Two girls in beautiful embellished outfits. They are too old to play a peek-a-boo game (although it's a common scene on photo cards from this period). I find this pose more cheeky/sexy than innocent. I love this postcard for that.

© C.T. Art Colortone & Co, Artist/year unknown, USA

Design: Kazumasa Nagai, Japan, ©1989

Toon Roest (1942-1996) 'Kleine Verhuizing' ('Small Move'), ©1996 Erven Toon Roest
Before I called Amsterdam my hometown I lived in Zaandam, a commuter town 1o miles from the Dutch capital. When I went to the city centre of Zaandam I would often see a man walking with his Citta moped, that had an old Zaanstreek-styled wooden house on the backseat, home to his little lapdog. I imagine the man took great pride in his handmade doghouse. Funny to see he made it to a postcard. (Note the little birdy on the roof!)

Frans Mettes 'Heineken', 1953, 109,5 x 160 cm, © Heineken
Strange yet humouristic, this old Heineken poster from the 1950's. The mini 'pupils' and the dark shadows in the face is what makes this gentleman a bit sinister to me.

'Sirin & Alkonost, birds of sadness and Joy', 1896, Victor Vasnetsov (1848-1926), © Tretjakov Museum, Moskou
I saw the original painting of Victor Vasnetsov at an exhibition on Russian folktales and legends at the Groninger Museum, two years ago. This painting of two half-woman half-bird creatures was both impressive in technique and expression as well as size. The combination of frame and painting was so heavy it rested on a podium. I also remember the frame as being too much of the good thing, even though I'm a fan of frames with a character.


  1. I love the old peek-a-boo postcard. I recently purchased a whole bunch of old postcards that have such interesting Victorian characters. Some of them have notes and letters written on the back of them which I find so nice and nostalgic.