Friday, November 26, 2010

Curious Photographs Of People I Don't Know

Ah, old photographs... Part of me thinks it's kind of sad, those abandoned old snapshots of people and places that once were important to somebody but the other, say 99 percent of me, feels sheer joy when I find a pile of old pictures for sale! Boring landscapes, awkward family moments, unwilling pets and/or/with little kids; it's all gold to me. They just breathe stories. Some examples;
First photo, above; Man on the porch of the Wichita Fertilizer Inc. warehouse -or at least, so sez the sign- posing with two black cats. Lucky shot or two very chilled out cats, by the El Noodles standard. (Or... fertilizer fumes=mellow cats?).

A girls choir reunion? The annual hydrangea breeders meeting? The real Pink Ladies?

Those pale birches and black pine trees in the background, the bold looking car and the fence/bridge railing makes my cinematic heart beat faster; is this an innocent photo of a couple on a day trip or is it the last photo before something tragic happens? Those trees whisper the latter, I think.

Composition and subject wise I find this photo very intriguing. The contrast is wonderful and balanced and I love the (unintentional?) movement-blur and the aware/unawareness of the (costumed) people being portrayed.
'Sauda, Norway, May 17th, 1957' reads the back of the photo. More precisely; on the 'Syttende Mai', Norway celebrates Constitution Day and people wear a traditional costume called the 'Bunad', on the photo worn by the two ladies in the middle/right.

'Tom took a walk...-unreadable text-, Dec. 65'. To me it feels like everything is cut out of cardboard on this photo.

This one will be high on my Most Curious Photographs list. It is the mix of awkwardness that makes this photo stand out; the blond youngster with the Bieber haircut and the 'like I care'-attitude, the older guy on the stairs and the childish way he sits, the camera viewing point that makes the stairs guy look like a midget or garden gnome at first glance and the orderly categorized plants in the garden.


  1. wonderful pictures!....each has a story to tell!

  2. 3rd one is screaming 'Twin Peaks'

  3. Ja mooi, vooral die onderste lijkt al een heel verhaal in zich te dragen. Toevallig heb ik dit weekend wat oude familiefoto's geselecteerd om te scannen, dit is een mooi portret van 1 van mijn oma's: