Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Although this may look like a thrown away, trampled piece of gum photographed from up close in the shrubs, it is in fact an insect. A member of the family Membracidae (or Treehoppers or Thorn bugs), to be more precise. Their surreal looks have a camouflage purpose and their remarkable outgrowths discourages predators to eat them. There are 3200 known species in over 600 genera -all over the globe except for Antarctica- and these creatures are the Lady Gaga('s) of the animal kingdom;
Sources and photo's: Wikipedia, Why Evolution is True, and this wonderful PDF with many more photo's. First photo; Cladonata Benitezi (Male).

Ceresa Taurina

Heteronotus Maculatus

Umbelligerus Peruviensis

Heteronotus Delineatus

Enchophyllum cruentatum

Bocydium Globulare

And this moustachioed cutie is a larvae of Anchistrotus.

Below some drawings of Membracidae, found on the Italian Wiki page;


  1. I'll have the disappointed one with the pointy Bat Man ears and the one with the helicopter berries, please.

  2. Ze zien er definitely niet eetbaar uit! Vooral die geelzwart gestreepte met die extra gloink aan zijn lichaam steek ik zeker weten niet in mijn mond, maar misschien denk je daar als hongerige specht heel anders over.

  3. 'Gloink'; that sums it all up!

  4. Are you going to use them in your paintings?

  5. Damn nature u scary!

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