Saturday, November 6, 2010

Roq Show Sneak Peek, #4

Amsterdam, November 2010; my garden blanketed in moist yellow leaves, my floor spotted with muddy cat paw prints, those tacky blue Christmas ornaments adorn the shop fronts in the neighbourhood again, Noodles delivered me a red-eyed white mouse as a beautiful yet questionable gift, I'm sneezing my head off but luckily my flu has passed, slowly restoring the balance of my house from a 100% work shed to the live-work space it originally was and I'm getting more and more ready for my visit to Seattle's finest next week.

This will be my last post for now, people. Above the last sneak-peek-in-progress-detail you're going to get out of my pencil smudged fingers; it's a drawing entitled 'Footpad Felids'.
All you non-Seattleites can view the works online just before the show starts. But when you're in Belltown this Friday it's much nicer to see the works in person at the opening night. ...Drop by! It'll be worth the trip!

'The Bone Shaped Bone' new work by Femke Hiemstra & 'Super Things' new work by Ryan Heshka, at Roq la Rue Gallery, Seattle, WA, USA. Opening night: November 12, 6-9 pm. The show runs to December 4, 2010.


  1. i love the cw with the bell... i'm in a dark alpen swiss period so it talks to me...

  2. Thanks! I love those (Swiss) cows with bells as well. Much better than those big, ugly plastic ear tags.

  3. I get it, your cow and my pheasant.