Sunday, August 21, 2011

La La Land

Los Angeles, July 30, Merry Karnowsky Gallery, the opening night of my last exhibition 'Big Thousands of Golden Flowers'; Merry's team working hard and concentrated to organize the last things before the doors open. I arrived a little later to the opening party than calculated -not used to the widespreadness of LA- and I quickly wolf down a Snickers bar. Soon the room is filled with people and my hasty meal, jet-leg and work mode mind set are fading to the background and the enthusiasm of all who I meet pick me up and waltz me through the evening. Hours pass in a roaring rush and after the wave of visitors have left -and I happily munched on a pizza slice- I can look back on a wonderful opening night. So to everybody who came to see the show -visitor's, collector's, fellow artists- a big THANKS!

Above and below, a few photo's of my visit for you to enjoy.

Extra special thanks go out to Merry and the MKG team, Kirsten, Julie B, Rick, Nathan, Jane and Phill.

No, I don't have many photo's of the opening night! But you can find some more on the MK website. Panorama shots from top to bottom; gallery before the opening and gallery during the opening -my camera goes all Matrix when taking a panorama shot of movement!- my Pretty in Plastic visit (of which I will tell you more about in the future), and two shots of Santa Monica Beach, baby.

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