Friday, August 26, 2011

Le Chat Prototype Sneak Peek

Say Bonjour to 'Le Chat'. This vinyl version of my painting 'Le Chat Domestique' is handsomely sculpted by Julie B and will be produced by Cherry Vinyl, a new collaborative brand of Lulubell Toys and Pretty in Plastic. You will hear more about this catty cutie soon!

Below; The creation of a Chat by Julie at the Pretty in Plastic Headquarters. Photo's below; © Julie B.


  1. Lucky you!! dat je al die geweldige ervaringen mag meemaken. Je werkt natuurlijk knoeterhard en het is je van harte gegund. Have fun overthere, please give us pictures. Groetjes peet

  2. I want 'Le Chat Domestique' toy so bad... Femke, you are my top favorite artist - so inspirational to me and my dreams. I'm trying to improve my arts to another level 'cause till now I can consider myself a tattooist ladie, but since I was a child I wanted to paint and illustrate. Maybe its time for me to focus on it and your artwork is definitely an incentive. Thank you.

  3. Oooh nice Femke, will be a nice supplement to your paintings! Can't wait to see the final!!! :)