Saturday, March 24, 2012

Twig Frame with Leaves

So, I stumbled on this hand-carved frame on the internet. The profile was shaped like a twig and it had leaf embellishments on the sides. I did notice the frame was a bit on the large side (for my taste, that is) but I quickly forgot about it and decided to buy it anyway. And another thing I forgot about was asking the seller to wrap the frame thoroughly, especially the corners and the leaf details. Alas, it was already on it's way.

Today the frame arrived. The package alone was huge! To give an idea of the proportions I made a snapshot with Noodles in front of it -a task that she obliged with class.

I was a bit anxious to open the package but was relieved to find the frame in one piece, safely secured with styrofoam blocks. What a remarkable frame. The 4 sides are carved out of one solid piece of wood, and they are connected together with tabled scarf joints. I find the combination of the rigid twig shaped rectangle and the (placing of the) more frivolous leaf details peculiar but it's charming at the same time. It's a fine piece of German 'Schwarzwald' craftsmanship. A huge, fine piece of craftsmanship.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Postcards

Yihaa! Today my new promotion postcards arrived! I'm quite pleased with the result. I put the drawing 'Le Charlatan' (2011) and the golden oldies 'Solstice d'Eté' and 'Der Hüter' (2008 & 2009) on them. I made a frame like drawing for the address side of the card, inspired by the embellished souvenir postcards of last century.
The cards will serve as freebee's. For the upcoming Pictoplasma conference for example, or as a small gift for new print orders.

Friday, March 9, 2012

First & Last

Lately I get many questions about where to buy a copy of my book Rock Candy. The answer is 'Nowhere', since the first edition has been sold out for a while. And unfortunately there won't be a new edition, as I recently found out. The publisher thinks the book will not be profitable enough to reprint -it has to do with the costs of printing and the presumed time to sell an edition. Understandable (and not a very remarkable in this economy). I'd rather saw it differently but it is what it is. I hope to be able to put out a new book in the near future.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Humpty Dumpty Sits on My Monitor

This funny egg is Humpty Dumpty, as you can see. It's quite special this one, because just a few of them were made. Or printed, to be more precise. This 3D printed character is designed by colleague d'illustration Zoltan Koraï. Not only the delicate lines and subtle features of Humpty appeal to me (plus the fact that he smokes), but I'm also very fond the material. The structure feels lime stone like, similar to the skeleton shell of an octopus, like you can find on the beach or in a bird cage -for the budgies to nibble on. Humpty is too cool to be budgie candy. He is now my new monitor guardian.