Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Postcards

Yihaa! Today my new promotion postcards arrived! I'm quite pleased with the result. I put the drawing 'Le Charlatan' (2011) and the golden oldies 'Solstice d'Eté' and 'Der Hüter' (2008 & 2009) on them. I made a frame like drawing for the address side of the card, inspired by the embellished souvenir postcards of last century.
The cards will serve as freebee's. For the upcoming Pictoplasma conference for example, or as a small gift for new print orders.


  1. prachtig geworden, hebben, hebben, hebben..xc

  2. Jaaa!! Ik wil ook hebben!!:>

  3. Wow. Beautiful, beautiful work. I love these cards!