Sunday, June 3, 2012

June News

Although outside it feels nothing like June In Holland supposed to be, with temperatures that equal last years Christmas, here's some sunny news for you to enjoy;

'Inside the Sketchbook' is a new serie on the Hi Fructose website. A peek inside the sketchbook of various artists. Here's mine. Picture above; one of my sketchbook pages.

'Debut' is a Korean publication on illustration and art and holds a plethora of pictures with accompanying interviews. My work is sandwiched between the art of Fred Stonehouse, Mark Whalen and many others (most of them unknown by me). Hard to say something about the written part of the book since it's in Korean, but overall it looks and feels professional and the work is an eclectic mix and unites in it's surreal content. Pleased to be part of it. More info here.

Interview; Here's a nice chat with the folks of the 'Last Junkies on Earth' blog, last month. (Oh, and did you know Bjoern and Linda of LJoE have a cool band with the cool name Stuntcat?)

This is the announcement on Hi Fructose of the upcoming group exhibition at Roq la Rue gallery, opening on June 8, 2012. The theme of the show is 'Death and the Maiden',  an art motif that originates from the late-medievel Danse Macabre allegory, which will be interpreted by a variety of contemporary artists.

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  1. Ow yes, I love sketchbooks!!! :-)))