Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Part Terrier

I spotted this doggie in Haarlem, last weekend. If I'd ever own a dog I hope it looks something like this one. Photo's nor words could proper capture it's attractiveness, you should have been there. Than you too would have remarked it's peculiar shape and short legs, it's robotic walk that resembled an automatic toy, it's 'like I care' grumpy glance and it's stubbornness to be fondled by strangers.
'She's part terrier!', the owner proudly shared, as the dog stared the other way, ignoring me (and the fact that most terrier types are curious and friendly). I loved it, as I have a weakness for all animals with an odd shape and character, and totally unnecessary told the dog 'You're cute!', to which the owner said to his pet 'There, now you see for yourself'.
(Photo: ©Leendert -thanks!)

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