Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Update

No time for the Hokey Pokey and cocktails in the sun for me yet, hard work it is these summer months. Here's a quick update;

For example the Timid Cabbage book I'm working on. The serie drawings that where based on the poem by Charles Krafft, will be bundled in a 9 x 11 inch book. I made 11 additional drawings for the publication, of which you can see two examples below. At the moment designer Mark Cox and me are working on the last bits of the book. Very exciting! Exact presentation dates will follow.
Photo above; working on the additional drawings (shot from the studio where I work once a week).

Noodles assisting me with the Cabbage book check list.

I'm also busy painting. Here's a sneak peek of a small piece for my upcoming (shared) solo exhibition in December. It's an acrylic and colour pencil mix on panel.

Meanwhile, the rainy days made way for drier, more summer-worthy weather. There was some rain damage to the flowers in my garden but a few managed to resist the monsoon. (I forgot the name of the yellow one. It looks like a mix of a tulip and an orchid. I'm quite fond of its 'leopard print'. And when it sheds a flower, a new one appears on the stem, four to five times in a row).

And these glass gems are Bisazza mosaic stones, used for a very interesting project, of which I can't share much about now, but will somewhere in the upcoming months on this blog.

Enjoy the summer, everybody!


  1. Heej Femke, wij zijn terug van een hele fijne vakantie in Amerika. Het is uiteindelijk een rondreis geworden, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Mammoth Lakes en Yosemite park. Ik ben ook nog in gallery Nucleus geweest en daar heb ik even reclame voor je gemaakt:) Ben heel benieuwd naar je boek en het schilderijtje van Noodles is geweldig, ook een mooie lijst trouwens. Waar heb je in december expositie? wil toch echt een keer originelen zien. Groetjes Peet

  2. Hi Peet,
    Dat klinkt als een geweldige rondreis! Voor het zien van originelen moet je wederom in Amerika zijn. In December heb ik in Seattle een expo bij Roq la Rue Gallery.