Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Two Faced Beauty

A while back I scored two home crafted frames; one hand carved German style frame and one 'Tramp Art' frame. They are in a good shape considering their age and the backside reveals some of that history. The first one has a scrap of old newspaper attached to the back ('Hamburg, March 18 1902') and the Tramp Art frame is build from carved layers of wood from old cigar boxes. You can tell a lot about the origin and age of a frame if you inspect the backside, and in these cases it's literal.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Went Away And Got Back Again

Just before autumn kicked in I went on a city trip to Milan, Italy, traveling through Germany and Switzerland. After only a few days of Italian dust I went back to the Dutch mud again -it was a short trip, but sweet. Above and below some snapshots; handsome metal signs in Germany, desolate camp site bathrooms, the magnificent skinless sculpture of the apostle St Bartholomew, the Milan cathedral the 'Duomo di Milano', tasty espresso's, another magnificent sculpture (back view), 'rubbing the calve and knee' of the Duomo door for good fortune, traveling over the Swiss Furka pass and Grimsel pass.

 ...And now back to work.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

La Mort at Long Gone John's

The 'La Mort en Cadence' piece, the painting on panel I made for the Death & the Maiden exhibition, found a new owner in collector/entrepreneur Long Gone John. He recently send me a photo of the customized wooden easel he created for the piece, set in its new surrounding. ...And what a surrounding it is! And this is just a snippet of the collectable-extravaganza that is John's house. See some more here.

By the way, Long Gone John is the producer of the upcoming Timid Cabbage book. Cool, ey? (Photo ©2012, Long Gone John)