Sunday, October 28, 2012

Respect For Squirrels & New Cool Tool

Today I started repairing a hand made Tramp Art frame. This flea market find -15 euro's, a bargain- has real pine cone embellishments but not every cone survived the ravages of time. Splitting the replacement cones in half was less easy than I thought. The cone's core was too tough for my hand saw so I had to cut my way through it with pliers. After a few minutes cone scales were everywhere and stuck everywhere because of their gluey resin. Where's a squirrel when you need one?

The construction of the frame is a bit weak and I'll have to brace the backside with corner brackets. The wood of the frame -layers of pieces of cigar boxes- is delicate so I will need to pre-drill the screw holes to avoid it from splitting. I scored these two key like hand drills (about €2,50 each, another bargain). They are perfect for the task and I love their shape and simplicity.

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