Saturday, November 10, 2012

Let the Devil Wear Black

The count down has started; in a few weeks my next shared exhibition 'Let the Devil Wear Black' will open at Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle. The talented Ryan Heshka will be my partner in exhibition. I hope you'll be able to drop by on the opening night Friday December 7, 2012, to see the work in person and say hi!

Info: Roq la Rue Gallery, 2312 2nd Avenue, 98121 WA, Seattle, USA (206) 374-8977


  1. Congratulations Femke, I absolutely adore your work! Do you know when the preview goes up for the exhibition? I would love to buy one of your originals.

  2. Thank you, Melissa!
    About previews, it's best to contact the gallery for that. (click the Roq la Rue link to mail Kirsten Anderson for info). Here you can find some additional information about the sales;

  3. Thanks Femke! Best of luck for the exhibition, can't wait to see your new work.

  4. I'm so disappointed Femke! I missed out on buying one of your originals as they were all snapped up so quickly. Nice for you though:) Such gorgeous stunning work! Hopefully one day I will get to own one of your originals. I don't suppose you put any upcoming pieces aside for buyers?
    Will you be doing any prints of "Felix De Foret" or "OMG"?

  5. Good day!
    Your beautiful work, I live in Brazil and would like to make an artistic exchange with you, send me two disposable cameras to shoot me here in Brazil in my Midwest region, which I think magic and send you two for you to shoot in your city the magic think that from these pictures I will do some work to mount an installation. Count on you dear artist.
    I wish you a long life full of health, love, peace and happiness.
    facebook / jeanne claudia

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