Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Update

One can never be sure about the weather in The Netherlands but these past years King Winter is really making an effort. We had almost two weeks of cold over here. And even though Amsterdam looks very picturesque under a wintery blanket, it's more than enough Siberia for me.
It was extra nice to stay inside and enjoy work. Like finishing the last bits for the Timid Cabbage book, for example. Next to the regular edition there will be a very exclusive, signed and slip-cased print run. I can't wait to show you the final result!

In the meanwhile I'm also working on new paintings and drawings. Those will be shareable on a later moment, but I can reveal that I'm working on a more than normal sized drawing. ...I even have to stand up(!) to reach the upper part of the artwork -see photo above. Below some more snapshots of me, on my studio day, amongst all my drawing necessities.

1- One of my favorite erasers. This is a combination eraser, for both graphite and ink. I find this solid yet soft eraser ideal to cut in smaller chunks for detailed erasing. 2- Large brush to swoosh away eraser dust. 3- Pencil grindings table waste bin. 4- Pencil sharpener. 5- Documentation, book. 6- Mirror, to check if I don't draw too skewed. 7- Scotch tape, easy remove and permanent.

8- Enlarged sketch, blurry but useable. Essential for checking the proportions of all the different elements. 9- Documentation, image print outs. 10- My signature toothpicks. 11- Eraser shield**. A kind of an old fashion tool from the golden days of technical and ruling pens. A great erasing device for details! 12- Various pencils, ranging from HB's to 8B's. 13- My signature chewing gum.

*Thanks for the photo's, Leendert! 
** For those of you who are interested in buying an eraser shield; Dutchies can still order such a 'gum- of radeerplaatje' at Van der Linde, Rozengracht, Amsterdam, and non Dutchies can score one online at -for example- Dick Blick or Artifolk.


  1. Heej Femke, op foto's van je werkplek zie ik vaak dat gumding liggen (11). Ik vraag me altijd af hoe je dat gebruikt want ik ken het niet. Leg 'ns uit, haha, dan ist mysterie voor mij opgelost.
    Groetjes Peet

  2. Hoi Peet,

    Da's een gum- of radeerplaatje. Stel, je maakt een foutje en moet heel precies gummen, dan leg je het plaatje op je werk en gum je door één van de gaten in de mal zonder daarmee de rest van je werk mee te gummen.

    Je kan ook een gum in kleinere stukjes smijden om meer nauwkeurig te gummen.

    Gumplaatjes zijn overigens lang niet overal meer te krijgen. Ik bestel ze online in Engeland.

  3. Dank voor de uitleg, das idd handig. Ik kan weer slapen !!
    Gr, Peet