Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Timid Cabbage Is Here!

Back in 2007, at my very first visit to Seattle (at my very first exhibition at Roq la Rue Gallery) I met fellow-artist Charles Krafft. He very kindly gave me the story of the Timid Cabbage, a poem he once wrote, of which he thought would fit to my work well. The Timid Cabbage is a surrealistic and sweet story about an 'outsider' vegetable who, against all advice, follows his heart in search of his life goal.

Fast forward to 2011; inspiration to draw the tale of the Timid Cabbage came to me and I created a serie of 11 drawings to go along with the poem. These drawings became an exhibition at Roq's. And there and then the plan was made to bundle them in a book with Sympathetic Press as the publisher.

Another leap in time and some hard work and 11 additional Cabbage drawings later and the result is here!! Or rather, the results, because two versions of the Timid Cabbage book were made; a regular version and a limited deluxe version.

Both versions have a beautiful foil printed and embossed cover which give the books a rich look and a 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' feel. The regular version is grey with silver and the deluxe version is green with gold foil print. The 'deluxe' comes in an embossed slipcase, is signed and numbered and comes with a signed and numbered fine art giclée print. See pics here.

Order information will follow shortly and I'll update this post once I know more. Early birds can place a reservation by sending an email to Kirsten Anderson of Roq la Rue Gallery.

Below some more snapshots of the regular version!

Published by Sympathetic Press, Long Gone John, edited by Kirsten Anderson, book design by Femke Hiemstra, design direction and production by Mark Cox. First printing 2013, limited to 1000 copies, deluxe version limited to 100 copies.


  1. Amazingy beautiful on the outside - Full of beauty on the inside

  2. ...Thanks! And the book indeed looks good, if I may say so myself.

  3. it too late or too early to buy this book? (ps : i'm complete fan by the way)