Thursday, March 6, 2014

Monsieur Porte Bonheur at Roq's 'Infusion' group show

Above you see a detail of one of my latest works, called 'Monsieur Porte Bonheur'. 

The title means ‘Mister Good Luck‘ in French. The work is a compliment to Hieronymus Bosch’s piece ‘The Wayfarer‘, mixed with a theme from a french Victorian postcard. The postcard, one from my own collection of vintage cards, displays an enumeration of French good luck charms. For example, the number 13 represents longevity, the pig means prosperity, the hands with ‘horn’ gesture stand for fortune, 'paix' (fish) symbolizes peace, 'argent' (magnet) is a symbol for money, etc.

My Mister Good Luck is a peddler that can not be trusted. He’s more of a huntsman, out to catch good luck in order to sell it.

More snapshots below, click on the images to zoom in. For more information please visit the Roq la Rue website.


  1. Great, great work ! Maybe I should not bother you with this, but there is a small spelling mistake: in French "heart" is written cœur and not coeur. The "o" is attached to the "e" as in the word "œuf"

  2. Ah, thank you kindly! (It does ring a little bell, now that you mention it). I see now -too late, since I can't change it- that both the wrong and the correct version are used on the web...