Friday, May 16, 2014

'Summer Supper' Free Mini Print

From May 16, 2014, free for all print orders* and while stock lasts, the mini print 'Summer Supper'!
Fine art giclée print, signed and numbered, 4.7 x 6.7" (12 x 17 cm), edition of 20.

*THIS OFFER IS NO LONGER VALID. No more prints available.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Timid Cabbage goes Europe!

Though its route was rough I'm very pleased to announce that the Timid Cabbage book has found its way over the ocean to my web shop! It's now available to interestees from The Netherlands and other European countries*.
(If you live outside EU, please order at Amazon / Last Gasp).

I also have a few limited editions of the Timid Cabbage book for sale. This lovely, soft to the touch,  green covered edition with gold foil typography and gilt edges, includes a signed and numbered fine art giclée print and comes in a embossed sleeve. Only 100 pieces of this special edition and the print were made and the book includes signatures of both writer and artist.

Regular edition: €30,- each (with a maximum of 2 copies per order), order here.
 Limited edition: €111,- each (One copy per order, 11/6/2014; temporary out of stock).

Pricing is ex. 6% btw/vat, incl. handling.

Both the regular and the special edition come with a Timid Cabbage page marker.

- Books will be send out in a cardboard sleeve wrap, shipping via package post, track and trace for the Netherlands only. (Read more about shipping here at the FAQ'S, section D.3).
- Orders are unsigned unless requested. If you like me to sign your copy or add a special message please adjoin instructions to your Paypal order.
- Page marker offer only goes for orders made on my website and while stock lasts. 

* Why EU only? You can, of course, order here if you live outside the EU but shipping will probably be more expensive.

The limited edition sleeve.

The limited edition cover.

 The gilt edges.

The limited edition print.

 Artist/writer signature page, detail.

 Hey, it's a Timid Cabbage Page Marker!

Thasos Beetle

It looked like a green-gold metallic marble from the corner of my eye, but it was in fact a Scarab beetle lying legs up on the tarmac of a Thasos road. Back home I discovered its official name is 'Protaetia Affenis', a not very common type of beetle that likes trees with juicy fruits. I need to find a good case for it so its belly and legs, equally dazzling of colour, can be seen.

Thasos was lovely. Great company, not too warm weather, wonderful food. And what a variation of wild plants and flowers this island has. Here are a few;

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Daily Noodles Returns

Noodles is not a very avid hunter but occasionally brings home insects, a small bird or, like the other day, a mouse. Besides my initial shock (1a; her succeeding in catching one and 1b; her tendency to rip them to shreds indoors) I'm also intrigued that I can immediately tell from her call and body language she's got me a 'gift'; creeping walk, straight back, tail up, pealing her special 'I got something!!' meow.

Œuf Surprise Print

This fine art giclée print of my Fabergé and spring inspired piece, 'Œuf Surprise'*, will soon be is now available at London's Atomica gallery! Limited print run, signed and numbered.

*See the original, and the works of many others like Ryan Heshka and Chris Conn at Atomica's 'Vision Quest' group exhibition, which runs to May 18. Atomica Gallery + Shop, 29 Short Gardens, London, UK.