Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Portrait

Some weeks ago I went on a little Tour de Portrait through the city with übercool photographer Bettina Neumann to shoot a new portrait.

Bettina has a keen eye for the seemingly unseen, capturing elements like a graphic composition, hinting to her graphic design background. Examples of her still life work and other portraits can be found in her online portfolio. I wanted a new direction in my promo portrait and was looking for a depiction more focused on the person and she fitted this wish perfectly. (Also, her offbeat sense of humour made these sessions a lot of fun!)

The lapis lazuli blue tiles of the Amsterdam apartment complex hallway might be my favorite since blue is (one of) my darling(s), but I also like the Belgium-retro look of the Restaurant Modern with its subdued colouring. Here are a few from the serie;

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