Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Graphic Art of the Underground; a Recommendation

September last year I announced the release of the book 'The Graphic Art of the Underground' on this blog. And although I'm still in the middle of reading, I can already recommend this book.

The Graphic Art of the Underground makes five underground art movements insightful by putting it along historical and cultural lines and highlighting all that's connecting from outside and in between. What I know about the visual art of alternative cultures is pretty basic to 'that rings a bell...' so I found this book a very welcome addition.
The book is about US letter (+-A4) size and is a mix between a 'look book' and an informative work.  Suzy Prince (edit & text) and Ian Lowey (edit, text & design) not only put together a great selection of artworks, but also set it in a no-nonsense lay-out, giving each image room to bloom.

More information on the Graphic Art of the Underground website. (The book is now available all over the world).

Photo above: stormy weather outside, tea + cookies + GAotU book inside. I'm happy with the reproduction of my work in the book - it looks great! Photo below: some spreads from the book.

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